Tarih: 28 Nisan 2017
Organizasyon: 2017 SEMS meetings
Yer: The Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK

Sports Medicine and duty of care: winning at all costs (FSEM UK and Bar Standards Board CPD Accreditation to be sought)

28 April 2017 The Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK

Current Programme

0800 Registration, Refreshments and Commercial Exhibition

0850 Meeting Welcome Professor Nicola Maffulli

Morning Session - Chair: Dr Rod Jaques

0900 What it takes to win and duty of care regarding sports physician’s governance. Peter Keen

0930 Performance medicine – what is it? Dr Anita Biswas

1000 What are the early signs of a governing system going awry? Professor Richard McLaren

1030 A legal perspective of a sports physician’s duty of care in winning at all costs. Mary O’Rourke

1100 Refreshments and Commercial Exhibition

1130 A medical perspective of a sports physician’s duty of care in winning at all costs. Dr Matthew Perry

1200 Team strategy – the sports physician’s role. Dr Paul Jackson

1230 Roundtable Discussion All

1300 Lunch and Commercial Exhibition

Afternoon Session - Chair: Professor Nicola Maffulli

1400 When it works well, when the medical code and what it takes to win stay aligned. Dr Chris Tomlinson

1430 Controlling the pressure to send a player back into play when medically unfit. Dr Gary O’Driscoll

1500 The MDT – are all professional codes aligned? Dr Craig Ranson

1530 Refreshments and Commercial Exhibition

1600 The role of the team physician in professional sport in the future. Dr Nick Peirce

1630 What should good sports governance look like in the future? Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

1700 Roundtable Discussion All

1730 Meeting Close Professor Nicola Maffulli